At Precision Gaskets we can custom make any gasket to suit your specifications. We specialize in Gaskets, washers, sheets & strips and "O" Rings. Precision provides the following services: 

Prototype Development & Sampling
Our staff will work with your engineering staff to develop a prototype that meets all your requirements. The prototype will be an accurate sample of the final product and our quality and inspection processes ensure that the gasket will meet all your specifications. Once the prototype is tested and approved, Precision Gaskets can manufacture a full production run of the gasket that will meet your exact requirements.

Compound Development
Precision Gaskets offers a wide range of elastomers, or in other words, rubber compounds. Elastomers consist of both synthetic and natural materials, and are formulated to have a wide array of physical properties. Different compounds are better suited for a variety of applications, depending primarily on the compound's exposure to fluids, heat, and pressure. General compounds exist for applications with typical environments, while highly engineered compounds exists for the most demanding environments. When an o-ring or custom molded seal is required in automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, or pharmaceutical application, Seal and Design has access to the most resilient compounds available.

Tooling Design & Production

Our team will provide tooling design.